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Guide to Services

This page illustrates the different types of services I offer, and what to expect from a session. You can schedule a session for one type of modality or request a combination, such as swedish & deep tissue. All of the sessions listed below can be done clothed with the exception of swedish and lymphatic massages. Please read on as you are certain to find the perfect modality to suit your kneads....

Relaxing Therapeutic Modalities:

Swedish Massage - The most commonly requested style of massage, this session includes the use of oils and lotions infused with pure essential oils designed to address your specific need that day - I have a pure essential oil blend suited just for you. I also use unscented products for sensitive skin and noses. Whether you are seeking stress relief or need to alleviate general body tension, this massage is very relaxing and is most certainly a stress buster. 

Craniosacral Balancing - A very gentle and deeply relaxing therapy that involves cradling the head and sacrum to encompass the natural flow of cerebralspinal fluid from head-to-tail refered to as the "cranial wave". Light pressure is applied to specific holding points on the head, and movement of the limbs, head and neck is encorporated into the session, guided by the tempo of this inner motion. By encouraging optimal fluid movement, all the tissues of the body are nourished, causing a self-correcting response that has successfully treated conditions such as insomnia, headaches,  and TMJ.

Lymphatic Massage - If you need to improve your circulation, this is the massage for you.  The purpose of this work is to move the fluid under the skin, known as “lymph”. Improving the circulation if the lymphatic system is helpful in reducing swelling or edema, and helps to rid the body of excess fluid and toxins. Pure essential oils are also used in the session to assist this process.

Deeper Bodywork Modalities:

Sports Massage - This is the ideal bodywork for the athlete in you. This deep work breaks down adhesions and muscle tension, improves circulation, mobility and flexibility. It is a must for runners, cyclists, and cross trainers.

Deep Tissue - Everybody’s favorite retaliation against those pesky knots that suddenly appear in your neck and shoulders while you're typing or that all too familiar old injury that tightens up when you least expect it. In these sessions I apply deep pressure and manipulate tight areas with precision, and include some stretching that aids in the process of encouraging the area to "let go".  Most commonly, deep tissue is encorporated with a swedish session as there are usually only a few tough areas that need this specific attention, while the rest of your body just wants to relax.

Shiatsu - This is fun and is by far the most flexibility inducing modality on the market. The session is done on a thick mat, with deep pressure being applied with my foot in the form of stepping, pressing, and rolling the muscles into a softened state. I also apply deep acupressure to specific meridian points on the body, and do intense arm and leg stretches that loosen up the joints and leave you feeling like a melted rubber band.


Foot Rehabilitation - This work involves manually realigning the bones of the feet after they have been ill affected by habitual use such as dance, sports, poor footwear, or an injury that didn’t quite heal right. The alignment of your feet affects your joints and your posture all the way up to your head. Happy feet makes for better alignment from head to toe.

Reflexology - In theory, the soles of our feet are a map of our whole body. By stimulating specific reflex points on the feet, you can feel like you’ve had a full body massage. Commonly this type of work is used to treat areas that are not accessible through massage such as blocked sinuses due to a cold, or an organ that is healing from surgery.


60 min - $70
90 min - $95

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